Connected Living
VostroNet's software allows residents to be onboarded within seconds of their arrival. Fast Wi-Fi Mesh lets residents connect whenever they are in the building; so they can skype their family or 4K video while in gym, the pool or their apartment.
First-class infrastructure
We are dedicated to delivering a reliable, fast, and expanding FTTx network, underpinned by world-class technology, We manage our own network infrastructure on quality equipment ensuring a great resident experience
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Our own fibre
By owning and operating our own fibre from the data centre to the home, we can ensure performance and quality is maintained at a higher level than others.
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Quality Design
We invest resources to tailor our design to suit the project. We use the best equipment to minimise downtime and maximise performance.
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Connected Living
Create a true vertical community with the assistance of Wi-Fi coverage everywhere for residents. We are the experts in deploying and operating Wi-Fi.
We offer various services on our network without cost to the developer
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Public Wi-Fi
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(free-to-air, Foxtel)
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Security CCTV
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Smart home, IoT
fibre connected
Fibre Connected
(FTTP & FTTB Solutions)
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Phone Service
Other Internet Environment Solutions