Innovative wireless environments
The Q2 Software Platform™ is a cloud-based Wi-Fi management system that centralises and automates the management of a Wi-Fi environments. The software includes PrivateMesh™, which is unique technology that enables a single network to isolate unrelated users and devices while also permitting communication within authorised groups or organisations.
Building a smarter network
We deliver an advanced network that optimises the usability, security and performance of Wi-Fi for users and groups operating in co-working spaces.
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User Management and Analytics
Our Q2 software platform offers advanced network analytics and useful user insights, providing management with powerful tools to enhance their offering.
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Real-time Monitoring
We monitor our network in real-time, ensuring we are able to respond quickly to network issues should they arise.
Share information easily and securely between users and devices via VostroNet's PrivateMesh technology.
Information Sharing
Information Sharing
PrivateMesh enables secure and efficient collaboration in the workplace by using point-and-click Wi-Fi software which enables the creation of private groups of devices.
Information Sharing
Without PrivateMesh, an administrator would have to manually set up a separate shared network (VLAN) for each group. In a co-working space environment, this could mean 20+ different Wi-Fi networks. The innovative technology allows for easy allocation of users and devices to a ‘PrivateMesh Group’
Information Sharing
PrivateMesh allows groups on the network to have separate secure networks within the Wi-Fi ecosystem.
Information Sharing
Group Management
Our Platform allows the administration to allocate groups and devices to a PrivateMesh. Users and devices within this PrivateMesh can seamlessly share information and cast between each other.
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