VostroNet deploys specialised infrastructure and software to Student Accommodation developments across the Asia-Pacific. We install and operate our own network, from the signal in student rooms, the software authenticating the user, the fibre connecting the building and the connection to content providers. We guarantee performance.
Smarter way to operate
Students are a unique user class, requiring fast, reliable internet with minimal administration. Our innovation lies with our Q2 Software Platform, empowering building managers with the tools they need to manage their students' internet experience.
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Seamless Integration
Simplify the onboarding process with direct integration with the leading property management systems such as StarRez and HiRUM
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University Approved
Students can use their university credentials to authenticate onto our network, ensuring a streamlined campus experience
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Reporting and Analytics
Understand your users with customisable reporting and useful data analytics. Have key information available in real-time and on-demand
Everybody needs good Wi-Fi
Good Wi-Fi is much more than a decent connection to a building. We know how to get the right equipment into the right places to provide the internet experience that users demand, and are experts at keeping them connected and protected.
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We deploy the best of the best
We are the largest Wi-Fi carrier for the HPE Aruba in Australia and New Zealand. Actively managing thousands of W-Fi access points. VostroNet delivered the first Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) connected student accommodation site in Australia
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It's available everywhere
A lot goes into our Wi-Fi design; we use heat mapping and industry best practices to ensure coverage everywhere: from the room to the rooftop and everything in between.
keeping users online
Keeping users online and safe
From pre-protection against threats through to monitoring access points for peak performance, we manage each and every aspect of the user experience.
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