Modernising Public Wireless
The Q2 Software Platform™ is a cloud-based Wi-Fi management system that centralises and automates the management of a public wireless environment. We provide users with a fast and secure connection through the Q2 Platform's captive portal with a simple authentication process.
First-class infrastructure
We are dedicated to delivering a reliable, fast, and expanding next-generation network underpinned by world-class technology. We own our own network infrastructure on quality equipment ensuring a great user experience.
Our own fibre icon
Our own fibre
By owning and operating our own fibre from the data centre to the site, we ensure performance and quality is maintained at the highest level.
Quality Design icon
Quality Design
We invest resources to tailor our design to suit the project. We use the best equipment to minimise downtime and maximise performance.
Connected Living icon
Connected Living
Create a truly connected community with the assistance of quality Public Wi-Fi. We are experts in deploying and operating Wi-Fi.
Advanced Software
VostroNet offers a productive, professional software platform for public Wi-Fi environments; ensuring users can connect easily to the network
Easy administration
Easy administration
Administrators are provided with sophisticated tools to better manage and understand their user base.
Our platform is easily customisable to suit the branding of the hosting company. Customise the Wi-Fi experience via customisable landing pages and tailor content by profile, location, date and time.
Provide network users with important information, promotional material, or receive valuable feedback on user habits and time spent within the public space via VostroNet's advanced data analytics.
Other Internet Environment Solutions