A Comprehensive Solution
End-to-end infrastructure and software solution to provide hotels with the security and simplicity of having a single integrated provider.
VostroNet quality controls every component that is involved in delivery of the Wi-Fi from the wireless signal in the room, the software authenticating the user, the fibre connecting the building and the connection to the content providers. We guarantee performance.
Innovation for a smarter hotel
By Operating every component of the internet solution, we ensure that guests get online and stay online.
Clever software icon
Clever software
We are a software-defined network, Our Platform integrates with the leading industry systems.
Accessible Wi-Fi icon
Accessible Wi-Fi
A lot goes into our Wi-Fi design. We use heat-mapping and industry best practices to ensure coverage everywhere from the room to the rooftop and everything in-between
Our own fibre icon
Our own fibre
By owning and operating our own fibre from the data centre to the home, we can ensure performance and quality is maintained at a higher level than others.
A Productive, Professional Platform
Our innovative Q2 software platform is available for hotel management who select VostroNet's hotel Wi-Fi solution. Including advanced functionality such as user heat-mapping, capacity and trends and also a customisable login captive portal.
Simple Login
Simple Login
Guests can connect within 30 seconds of entering their room via VostroNet's hotel platform. Integrating with all major PMS providers, simplifying the check-in process.
Malware Nowhere
Malware Nowhere
Protection from malware and known virus locations built into the platform, safeguarding guests.
Useful Data
Useful Data
Advanced analytics (including aggregated customer demographics and geolocation data) allows management to understand guests further and optimise staff development.
Personalised Content
Personalised Content
Our platform is easily customisable to suit your hotel branding. Customise the guest Wi-Fi experience via customised landing pages and tailor content by profile, location, date and time.